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Tips on Planting Forage Sorghum

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Tips on Planting Forage Sorghum

Thinking about an alternative to corn silage this year? Consider BMR male sterile forage sorghum. This alternative is cheaper to grow than corn and more resilient to the weather in terms of both heat and drought. The natural prussic acid in the plant eliminates corn rootworms, so it preps the field for a corn rotation the following year.

American Agriculturalist writer Tom Kilcer provides readers with some great tips on planting forage sorghum successfully. For example, he advises growing the right hybrid for the zone. If you’re looking for a BMR that is less than 55 days, you should consider SP1727 MS BMR for lactating dairy cows and SP1792MS (non BMR) for heifers. These hybrids will head in less than 55 days, making them a great alternative when planting later in the season.

He also advises planting in warm soil to ensure a successful stand establishment. Soil temperatures should be above 60 degrees. And, when planting, planting at a 7.5-inch row spacing is advised to maximize yield, improve quality and standability and shades the ground preventing weed growth.

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