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Sorghum Partners Wins Maryland Yield Contest

Sorghum Partners Wins Maryland Yield Contest

Congratulations to Temple Rhodes of Chestnut Manor Farms on being the Maryland first-place winner in the Dryland No-Till East division of the 2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest. Rhodes planted Sorghum Partners 58M85 DT and yielded 164.65 bushels per acre on his Queen Annes County farm.

Double Team™ Sorghum gives growers like Rhodes unprecedented over-the-top control of common grass weeds that are responsible for reducing yield and profitability. Rhodes plans on planting sorghum again in 2024 after his success last year.

“Those fields were as clean as if they were Round-Up Ready. There were no weeds in them at all,” Rhodes said. “I’m planning to double crop sorghum after wheat as it’s a great ROI and I can grow it in marginal acres.”

To learn more about Double Team Sorghum and other varieties, go to: doubleteamsorghum.com. You can also review Sorghum Partner Double Team varieties at: sorghumpartners.com/double-team-grain-sorghum-hybrids.