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Sorghum Partners Excels in Kansas Field Trials

Sorghum Partners Excels in Kansas Field Trials

The results are in! Field trial data shows Sorghum Partners® was the highest-performing seed brand across dryland and irrigated growing locations in 2023 at nine Kansas locations. Sorghum Partners topped out at 101.4 bu./acre. Competitors Pioneer, Dekalb, and Alta had 100.8 bu./acre, 97.8 bu./acre, and 88.7 bu./acre, respectively.

In locations where Sorghum Partners-branded Double Team™ was planted, the Double Team trait delivered increased yields on fields with varying weed pressure. Double Team yielded an average of 102.5 bu./acre across nine Kansas locations. In comparison, igrowth® averaged 87.8 bu./acre. The Double Team trait provided incremental yield over conventional hybrids in the field trials. Please note that these fields were not weedy and did not get sprayed with FirstAct™. The purpose of this trial was to evaluate genetics.

The Sorghum Partners germplasm is very competitive with Pioneer when comparing conventional sorghum in the trial. In the field trials, Sorghum Partners yielded 100.6 bu./acre compared to Pioneer’s 100.8 bu./acre. Dekalb and Alta averaged 97.8 bu./acre and 89.6 bu./acre, respectively.

Yield data from five dryland locations in Kansas shows Double Team sorghum yielded more than competitors and the conventional Sorghum Partners seed fared well also. Results show Double Team sorghum averaged 100.8 bu./acre while Sorghum Partners conventional sorghum yielded 96 bu./acre. Pioneer and Dekalb had 98.9 bu./acre and 96.1 bu./acre, respectively.

On irrigated acres, Sorghum Partners delivers improved yields over the competition. Across four irrigated locations, Sorghum Partners conventional seed averaged 110 bu./acre while Double Team had 104.7 bu./acre. Competitors Pioneer and Dekalb were lower at 103.1 bu./acre and 99.8 bu./acre.