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Forage Sorghum Silage

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SP3904 BD BMR is a brachytic dwarf/BMR forage sorghum that is excellent for producing high quality silage. SP3904 BD BMR will reach soft dough in approximately 110 days and will produce high levels of starch, which contributes to silage digestibility and energy levels. The brachytic dwarf trait reduces plant height and improves standability while maintaining leafiness. This hybrid is an excellent fit for dairies and can be placed throughout the U.S.

Key Attributes

  • Brown mid-rib, brachytic dwarf
  • Best for high quality silage (dairy)
  • High grain-to-forage ratio
  • Low lignin content; excellent digestibility and palatability
  • 110 to 115 days to silage
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Excellent standability with brachytic dwarf gene

Where to Buy

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