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SP 74M21

SP 74M21

Medium-Full Maturity Hybrid Grain Sorghum

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SP 74M21 is a medium-full maturity hybrid with a semi-compact head and light bronze grain. This hybrid has high sugarcane aphid tolerance, making it an excellent hybrid for the higher yielding environments in the Great Plains. A stiff stalk, excellent head exertion, and staygreen result in SP 74M21 having excellent drought stress tolerance.

Key Attributes

  • Highly tolerant to sugarcane aphid
  • Excellent appearance & very good yield
  • Stiff stalk and strong staygreen traits
  • Uniquely adapted to the Great Plains irrigated and favorable dryland acres
  • Excellent panicle exertion under drought stress
  • Excellent drought stress tolerance
  • Semi-compact head and excellent uniformity

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