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Pearl Millet Hybrids


Product Name Millex 32
Seed Color White
Private Label Name 13MX9001
Hybrid Type Hybrid Pearl Millet
Relative Maturity N/A
Forage Yield Potential 4
Early Growth Rate 5
Regrowth 3
Average Plant Height (feet) 5' - 7'
Standability 3
Drought Tolerance 1
Leafiness 1
Average Seeds / Pound (x1000) 47
MDMV Undetermined
Downy Mildew Pathotype 1 Resistant
Downy Mildew Pathotype 3 Undetermined
Downy Mildew Pathotype P6 Undetermined
Anthracnose Undetermined
Hay 3
Haylage 4
Grazing / Pasture 2
Greenchop 4
Greenbug Biotype C Resistant
Greenbug Biotype E Resistant
Greenbug Biotype I Resistant
Prussic Acid (HCN) Potential None
Planting Date Late May through mid June. Soil temperature should be 65°F. Planting early can cause slow early growth and reduced survival.
Planting Depth 1" to 1½" deep depending on soil moisture.
Row Width Drilled rows for best grazing and quality.
Planting Method Drill preferred.
Fertility: Nitrogen 40 to 50 lb./acre PPI & 40 50 lb./acre after first cutting.
Fertility: Phosphorus 20 to 40 lb./acre, more if soil test indicates a low level.
Fertility: Potassium 40 to 60 lb./acre, more if soil test indicates a low level.
Harvest Management Do not cut or graze until forage reaches 12" to 15" in height. Leave 4" to 6" of stubble height to speed regrowth. For hay production condition with a crimper for better drying.
Harvest Height: Grazing 12" - 15"
Harvest Height: Hay / Haylage 24" - 30"
Harvest Height: Greenchop 24" - 30"