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Don’t Settle for Second Best Seed – Turn to Sorghum Partners

Don’t Settle for Second Best Seed – Turn to Sorghum Partners

As the planting season winds down, you may face a tightening supply of forage sorghum seed. When looking for a different hybrid, it’s important to choose high-quality seed from a trusted brand like Sorghum Partners.

“We still have some great germplasm available, and, when combined with good management practices, growers can produce large quantities of feed,” explains Dan Gard, district sales manager, S&W Seed Co. “There are forage sorghum and sorghum sudan hybrids that can produce yields equal to corn silage.”

Gard recommends growers employ the 40-40-40 principle. This means you harvest in 40 days or 40 inches tall and apply 40 lbs. of N after each harvest to facilitate fast regrowth for second and third cuttings.

Planting forage sorghum can also benefit a grower as these drought-tolerant hybrids usually require no post-emergent herbicides if planted in 6-10 inch rows.

“This helps you reduce your input costs and you’re almost guaranteed a crop,” Gard added. “Forage sorghum or sorghum Sudan is also versatile in that it can be grown for use in beef, dairy, custom dairy heifer, sheep or even goat livestock farms. It’s a great crop to consider.”

Wondering which variety is right for you? Gard recommends learning more about SP2707 DT, SP4555 BMR, SP1792 MS and SP2774 BMR. For more information on Sorghum Partner forage sorghum hybrids, go to https://sorghumpartners.com/forage-sorghum-hybrids/.