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Consider SP2707 DT™ for Your Silage Needs

Consider SP2707 DT™ for Your Silage Needs

Check out SP2707 DT – a medium-early maturity hybrid that produces high-quality silage because of its large grain head and low lignin content. SP2707 DT is part of the Double Team™ Sorghum for Silage line-up and may increase bottom-line ROI, improve animal digestibility, and provide greater flexibility for your silage program.

Key advantages of SP2707 DT include:

  • DT® Trait tolerates FirstAct™ herbicide for over-the-top grass weed control
  • High grain and low lignin content for high-quality silage
  • High grain-to-forage ratio
  • Consistent tonnage under irrigation
  • 6’ to 7’ tall with excellent standability
  • Reaches silage harvest in 100-110 days


This hybrid has a compact head and is considered to have excellent silage quality and good tonnage. It has good ratings for early growth rate, standability, leafiness, and appearance.

Double Team hybrids are part one of the Double Team Solution for superior control of Crabgrass, Volunteer Corn, Sandbur, Barnyardgrass, Texas Millet/Panicum, Foxtail and many more.

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