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Sorghum Partners® is dedicated to guiding our customers in optimizing their sorghum production systems to obtain maximum yields and financial success.

Sorghum yields vary based on farmers’ production practices, soil, and environment, having a trusted partner on your side can make a tremendous difference. As with any crop production system, appropriate crop input management is important to the grower’s bottom line, and we are here to help.

Sorghum Partners® has built an agronomy team with over four decades of sorghum agronomic experience. Our experts understand the unique Sorghum Partners® portfolio of products and can help our customers find solutions to meet their needs and expectations.

Download useful guides and resources below.

Sorghum Partners Seed Guide

Featuring a number of new hybrids with the potential to significantly improve yield and quality.

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Sorghum 101

How To Grow Grain Sorghum

A step by step guide for the best management practices when growing grain sorghum.

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Grain Sorghum 101

A comprehensive guide that provides expert recommendations on grain sorghum planting and management.

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Forage Sorghum 101

A comprehensive guide that provides expert recommendations on forage sorghum planting and management.

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Forage Sorghum Nutrition Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you select the best forage sorghum product that fits your need.

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Silage Management

A guide that provides the best silage management techniques available.

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Avoiding Prussic Acid (cyanide) and Nitrate Poisoning

Information on avoiding Prussic Acid (cyanide) and Nitrate Poisoning in Drought Stressed Sorghum in Livestock.

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Nitrogen calculator

A nitrogen calculator collaboration project between Sorghum Partners agronomists and Oklahoma State Cooperative Extension Service

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Fertilizer management for high yielding grain sorghum

A fertilizer management guide based on public Information.

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KSU Soil Fertilizer Recommendations

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OSU Soil Test Interpretations

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Integrated Pest Management

Sugarcane Aphid Sorghum Management Guide

Beat the aphid next season with the Sorghum Partners Sugarcane Aphid Management Guide. This comprehensive guide provides the best and latest agronomic practices to manage the aphid next season.

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Trudan8 & Sordan79 – As a Rotational Crop for Nematode Control

Nematodes are unsegmented multicellular worm-like organisms found in almost all habitats.

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Sorghum Insects: Aphids, Headworms and Chinch Bugs

Crop Talk Presented by KState Agronomy.

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Crop Rotations

No-Till vs Minimum-Till Dry-Land Crop Rotations

Oklahoma Panhandle Research and Extension Center, Goodwell

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By Brent Bean, Ph.D., Sorghum Checkoff Agronomist


Sorghum Herbicide Rotations

North Carolina State University

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Use of Glyphosate as a Harvest Aid in Early Planted Grain Sorghum

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Sorghum Harvest Aids

Over the past 10 years harvest aid use in grain sorghum has steadily increased and is on more and more growers’ minds.

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Grain Sorghum Management Under Limited Irrigation

A comprehensive guide that details how to manage grain sorghum under limited irrigation conditions.

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Terminating Irrigation on Grain Sorghum

By Brent Bean, Ph.D., Sorghum Checkoff Agronomist

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National Sorghum Producers (NSP)

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