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About Us

Sorghum Partners® brand provides high-quality sorghum seeds that are planted on millions of acres around the world.

Sorghum Partners® grain and forage sorghum seeds are carefully processed in a fully equipped seed processing facility in New Deal, Texas. Each seed lot is professionally tested and certified by an in-house seed quality lab that is registered with U.S. and international regulatory authorities.

S&W Seed Company purchased Sorghum Partners® in 2018. S&W has been breeding alfalfa for over 30 years with a dominant position worldwide, and is now positioned to be a leader in both alfalfa and sorghum breeding, production, and marketing in North America.

For additional information about Sorghum Partners® seed products, call 1-855-SORGHUM.


Sorghum Partners® has been delivering quality sorghum seeds for over 15 years. Our innovative grain and forage sorghum products address the needs that matter most to our customers, including:

  • Increased yield
  • Water scarcity and drought
  • Standability and staygreen
  • Disease and pests
  • Weed control and rotation
  • Agronomic solutions


Our team of sorghum professionals includes several individuals who have been working with the crop for decades, from individuals who helped launch the first hybrid products in the sorghum industry, to innovators that have led the way in solving disease, pest, and other crop challenges. From planting to harvest, from seed care to pest control, we have the expertise to answer your questions.


Our dedicated team is available to provide customers with support that is unmatched in the industry today. From our agronomists who answer specific product and crop management questions, to our sales managers and customer service, the Sorghum Partners® team is here to help.


The S&W Sorghum breeding station in Lubbock, TX accommodates 80 acres of space for hybrid trials, breeding and selection nurseries for both grain and forage crops, as well as 10,000 sq.ft. of greenhouse to advance breeding lines and hybrids efficiently through the pipeline. The Lubbock group is successful in creating hybrids across multiple maturities that work across multiple geographies.

Our Team

Sales & Marketing

Brent Johnson
VP Sales & Marketing Americas

Scott Staggenborg, Ph.D.
Director of Product Marketing

Lauren Lechner
Marketing Director

Research & Development

Payne Burks, Ph.D.
Director of R&D

Production & Operations

Kryl Boedeker
Director of Operations & Supply Chain