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The Sorghum Partners® brand is dedicated to your operation’s success. We are committed to providing our customers the latest sorghum seed innovations, industry-leading expertise, and advanced agronomic support. Sorghum Partners is a brand of S&W Seed Company.

Grain Sorghum

Grain Sorghum has high starch content and has applications in human health and nutrition, animal health and nutrition, and bio-industrial processes.

Forage Sorghum

Forage Sorghum has highly digestible forms that are used in traditional agriculture.


Sorghum Partners® is dedicated to helping our customers in optimizing their sorghum production systems to obtain maximum yields and financial success. As with any crop production system, appropriate crop input management is important to the grower’s bottom line and we are here to help.


S&W R&D Americas has three breeding stations and a DNA/Tissue Culture Lab. The Sorghum Breeding Station in Lubbock, TX provides space for field trials, nurseries, and winter greenhouses.

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