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Sorghum Partners® Brings Market Leading Hybrids to North Carolina

Feb 19th, 2015

Chicago, IL — Sorghum Partners® announced today that three of its products—SP7868, X715 (which will be marketed as SP7715), and NK6638—have placed at the top in a statewide yield trial conducted by North Carolina State University.

The North Carolina pork and poultry industry is creating significant demand for locally grown sorghum. This demand has resulted in an increase of 500,000 new feed grain acres in the state, and has reduced grain imports by 19% (Southeast Farm Press, February 9, 2015).

As Dr. Ron Heiniger, Professor at North Carolina State University, Department of Crop Science, recently described, yields over 100 bushels per acre allow sorghum to compete favorably in the region with typical corn yields. “Our team has demonstrated that growers can achieve high sorghum yields through a combination of agronomic techniques and hybrids that perform well in this environment,” said Heiniger.

In statewide trials that surveyed nearly 30 hybrids from various companies, Dr. Heiniger’s work showed that SP7868 and X715 placed first and second in the full season competition, yielding 160 and 157 bushels per acre, respectively, and that NK6638 placed 5th statewide. Each of these hybrids showed substantial resistance to fusarium, anthracnose and leaf spot, diseases that are common in North Carolina.

“We are excited to be bringing top yielding hybrids to our customers in North Carolina,” said Kelly Price, Sorghum Partners® District Sales Manager. “In addition to high yields and anthracnose resistance, the hybrids we are introducing are also tolerant to sugarcane aphid, a pest that has recently become problematic. We have already contributed to the state’s targeted reduction of imported grains, and this independent testing confirms that our hybrids can improve performance while providing a high return potential to growers throughout the region.”

The Sorghum Partners® brand is owned by Chromatin, Inc., a company committed to improving sorghum through industry leading research. Chromatin’s investment in the East Coast includes a breeding nursery and multiple testing sites. The new hybrid SP7715 (previously known as X715) is one of the latest products to be developed by Chromatin’s leading sorghum breeding program.

“We are pleased to offer high-performance products well-adapted to the environmental conditions on the East Coast,” said Dr. Scott Staggenborg, Chromatin’s Director of Product Portfolio and Technology Advancement. “Our agronomic team is committed to working with growers as they adopt this crop.”

About Sorghum Partners® Brand

Sorghum Partners® seed provides high quality sorghum seeds that are planted on millions of acres around the world. Sorghum Partners® grain and forage sorghum products are carefully processed in a fully equipped seed processing facility in New Deal, Texas. Each seed lot is professionally tested and certified by an in-house seed quality lab that is registered with U.S. and international regulatory authorities. For additional information about Sorghum Partners® seed products call 1-855-SORGHUM. Sorghum Partners® is a brand owned by Chromatin, Inc.

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