Posted on: November 4th, 2015 by sorgpart

Sugarcane Aphid Management

Sugarcane Aphid Management Guide

Beat the Aphid next season with the Sorghum Partners® Sugarcane Aphid Management Guide. This comprehensive guide provides the best and latest agronomic practices to manage the aphid next season. Download the guide today. 

Defense Against the Sugarcane Aphid

Management of the sugarcane aphid starts with proper identification. This Sorghum Checkoff guide will help you take control of the sugarcane aphid and win profitability with your sorghum.

LSU - Sorghum Hybrids Recommendations

LSU AgCenter and the Sorghum Checkoff's sorghum hybrid recommendations for Sugarcane Aphid tolerance. 

Sugarcane Aphid Tolerant Products Available Now!

Hybrid Maturity

Tolerance level

SP 7715 Med-full Highly
SP 73B12 Med-full Highly
SP 78M30 Med-full Highly
SP 70B17 Med-full Moderately
SP 6929 Med-full Moderately
NK7633 Med-full Moderately
K73-J6 Med-full Moderately
SP 68M57 Medium Moderately