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Growers Who Planted Chromatin’s Sorghum Partners® Brand Seed Have Winning Yields in the 2015 National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest


(CHICAGO, Ill. – March 18, 2016) – Chromatin, Inc., a global agriculture technology company focused on sorghum, today announced that six sorghum growers who planted Chromatin’s Sorghum Partners brand products have won awards in 12 national, state and county level categories in the National Sorghum Producers (NSP) 2015 competition.

In the national championship, Van Zee Ranch & Feedlot, Inc. in Platte, S.D., brought in a record-breaking 218.94 bushels per acre with Sorghum Partners K35-Y5, earning second place in the national no-till non-irrigated category. Van Zee also received top place finishes at the state and county level in the no-till non-irrigated and mulch-till non-irrigated categories.

“Sorghum really fits for us, and it’s the best cash crop we’ve had,” said Jerry Van Zee. “People are just now starting to understand the merits of the crop. I’ve been using Sorghum Partners K35-Y5 for years, and it’s Chromatin’s focus on sorghum that initially appealed to us. Chromatin has stayed committed to sorghum while other companies were phasing it out. They are committed to bringing sorghum technology to growers, and that’s important for the industry.”

“We congratulate Van Zee Ranch & Feedlot on their success,” said Chromatin Director of National Sales Mike Battin. “Our strong performing products are backed by Chromatin’s industry-leading research investment. Now that our pipeline is launching many new products, we are confident that our products will perform better and better for growers.”

Other championship winners who grew Chromatin’s Sorghum Partners brand products include state and county recipients from South Dakota, Nebraska and Texas.

  • Dave Knoll of South Dakota placed first at the state level and placed in the county level in double crop, non-irrigated.
  • Jim Massey of Texas placed first in mulch-till, non-irrigated at the state level.
  • Duane Vorderstrasse of Nebraska placed second in mulch-till, non-irrigated at the state level.
  • David Schubert of Texas was a county award winner in conventional-till, non-irrigated.
  • Heron Castillo of Texas placed third at the state level and awarded in the county level in reduced-till, irrigated.

“Chromatin congratulates these state and county winners, and is pleased to see our products performing well throughout the sorghum-growing region,” said Battin. “These growers all brought in impressive yields this season, and we appreciate their commitment to our Sorghum Partners seed and to the sorghum industry.”

Sorghum Partners national and state winners were further recognized at the National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest Awards Dinner at the 2016 Commodity Classic, March 3-5 in New Orleans, La.

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