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About Sorghum Partners®

Sorghum Partners® seed provides high quality sorghum seeds that are planted on millions of acres around the world. Sorghum Partners® grain and forage sorghum products are carefully processed in a fully equipped seed processing facility in New Deal, Texas. Each seed lot is professionally tested and certified by an in-house seed quality lab that is registered with U.S. and international regulatory authorities. For additional information about Sorghum Partners® seed products call 1-855-SORGHUM.

Sorghum Partners® is a brand owned by Chromatin, Inc. and accesses Chromatin’s pipeline of high performance sorghum genetics.

About Our Products

Sorghum is a high yielding, nutrient-efficient and drought tolerant crop that can be cultivated on over 80% of the world’s agricultural land. Sorghum’s unique characteristics allow farmers to meet the growing demands for sustainable food, feed, and biomass production while reducing the cost of inputs such as water. Its geographic distribution spans temperate to tropical climates, and its rich genetic diversity allows for multiple specialized uses including:

  • Grain Sorghum has high starch content and has applications in human health and nutrition, animal health and nutrition, and bio-industrial processes.
  • Forage Sorghum has highly digestible forms that are used in traditional agriculture and bio-industrial processes.
  • Sweet Sorghum has high sugar content and can be used in the same facilities that process sugarcane for a number of commercial applications.

The Chromatin Management Team

Sorghum Partners® benefits from its close interaction with Chromatin’s management team, including daily access to seed industry experts averaging 20+ years experience inventing, innovating, and commercializing agriculture products. Our world-class management team includes technology, breeding, and crop production experts who work closely with our Sorghum Partners® brand representatives to deliver proprietary sorghum seed products with yield, vigor and stress tolerant traits that fit your local environment. To learn more about our team, please visit